Ta Marija


Maltese Extravaganza Nights (Wednesday & Friday)

Our very popular Maltese Extravaganza nights are held every Wednesday (from April to November) and Friday (throughout the year) with charismatic roving mandolins and guitars (very sweet especially when clients sing along with them) and a folklore show with six dancers in traditional eighteenth century costumes compared in a charming way by Maria Muscat.  The folklore show is held on a central dance floor which elevates to enable all guests to watch the show comfortably from their seats.  These evenings start at 8pm with the roving musicians and end at 11pm after the folklore show.

• Seating Capacity - 200 inside (split between 125 and 75 in separate areas)                                                         

• Type of Cuisine -Maltese Specialties, Mediterranean


Photos sourced from Ta Marija