Casino Maltese


Originally used as a treasury by the Knights of St. John, today the exclusive Maltese Casino still retains many features dating back to the sixteenth century. A truly exceptional place, with a long history of noble visitors.

At the entrance, a large hall leads to a majestic staircase, which separates two wings where one finds a spacious atrium on one side and two different halls on the other. The reception hall is very large and decorated with oil paintings.

The "Ballroom" is elegantly decorated with parquet floors, inlaid wooden balconies and large crystal chandeliers. There is also a smaller room called "the princess's room", following Queen Elizabeth's visit to the club when she was still a princess. This room overlooks the famous Piazza Regina and the President's Palace. Buses can not get in front of the main door - there is a 10 minute walk along Valletta's main road

• Capacity - Seated Indoors 250 / Standing 500

• Catering - onsite catering 


Photos sourced from Casino Maltese